Monday, January 12, 2009

What A Day!

I had a dentist appointment today. I don't mind the dentist, in fact, i want to go. I was going to a new dentist in another town. My husband told me how to get there, he even got the directions off the Internet. Very simple directions. So, why couldn't I get there?! Who knows! I was following his directions, but I decided to look and see how far down this highway I had to go. It said 3 miles. I drive 3 miles and still my exit hasn't appeared. I drive another couple of miles and still no exit. So, I decide to turn around because I thought maybe I just overlooked it. Well, I didn't see it going the other way either. So, I try to call my hubby and his phone is dead. So, I call the dentist office and the receptionist told me I should have gone south instead of north. Great, I'll be there in a few minutes. Well, guess what it wasn't south either! I didn't know who to be mad at, the receptionist or my husband or myself! So, I chose all three. I called back and told them I couldn't find the office and rescheduled and headed home. On my way home, I'm passing one of those gas rig trucks. I'm right next to the right side door, almost completely past him. He decides he wants to change lanes and he wanted mine! He moved over without a signal, and ran me off onto the shoulder of the road. Thank God there was a shoulder on the highway. I don't think he ever saw me until I got back in front of him. I sure hope he heard my horn, though! Well, things can only get better from here. For some reason God didn't want me at that dentist office today and that is the way I'm looking at it. By the way, I should have just stayed north. My hubby was right!

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