Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Must Be Crazy!

I have discovered that my OCD is a lot worse than I thought! :) Today at lunch, I tore a paper towel off for a napkin. The person who tore the one before the one I got didn't quite get all of their paper towel on one corner and took the part they missed from the other corner. Well, me being me, I tore the extra off because I hate for anything to be on the paper towel past the dotted line. Pretty bad, huh? But, here is the worst part! I had to make myself use that paper towel with the torn corner! That corner bothered me! I wanted to throw it away and get a whole paper towel. But, I guess I hate waste worse than I hated that torn corner, because I wouldn't throw a clean paper towel away even though I didn't want to use it. Man, this is terrible! :)

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