Monday, September 14, 2009

Special Prayer Request

There are so many people praying for Kendrick Little right now as I am typing this. I have never met the boy, but I met his parents at youth camp one year. Our church boys know him well. LOL! Last year they found a tumor in Kendrick's brain stem. The Lord gave him and his family many more months to share and live life to its fullest. They took a few trips and did some things they always wanted to do. Now they are facing the end of Kendrick's life. The doctors are say two days or two weeks. They aren't sure I guess, but they know it's soon. Hospice has been set up for him. So please pray for this family. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this is for them. I feel so close to all of this even though I am not close to the family because Kendrick was kinda a "prayer mascot" for our school. Our students prayed and heard about the miracles God worked for this little guy. I pray God has another one for them. Even so I pray for peace and comfort as they go through this trial.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Boy!

Robert will probably be back to work by the end of this month! His physical therapist and doctor both agree he will probably be ready by then. It has been a long summer. We have grown together even when it seemed we were going to pull out one another's hair. LOL!
School is shifting into third gear, by going into our third day tomorrow. I'm sorry to subject you to my bad, corny sense of humor. The students are all really doing well. We have three who have said their monthly Scripture memory passage and two of them said it the first day! That is very exciting for me because without the Scripture we are nothing more than a private school. We can't claim "Christian" as part of our description. A couple students have set some goals and are choosing their electives toward their graduation. I'm proud of our students and thankful that they have a Christian school to go to.

Monday, September 7, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow!

We have been busy this past summer getting our school ready for this year. It was a lot of hard, long work, but it will be worth it all because I know the Lord has great things for FBA. We have moved to the church. There are many changes for us all to adjust to and I look forward to helping our students do just that. The school rooms all look great. I love all the colors. I am so glad God created a world with lots of color!