Saturday, August 28, 2010


This summer has been so very busy! Wow! Josh had summer school at home to finish Algebra I. So glad I don't homeschool. Josh also began parent-taught Driver's Ed. That is going really well and I am proud of him. He really wants to drive. LOL! Josh also began his junior year in a new school. He also lost a week and a half of his summer, too. :) The new school began on August 23.

Our church took our teens to a Youth Revival at Parkside Baptist Church. They heard some awesome preaching there! Then we loaded them up in the van and took them to Oklahoma a week later for a Youth Conference at Southwest Baptist Church. There they had more awesome preaching and fun activities. Our youth department has really been saturated with the Word of God this summer!

We took Josh and a few friends to Six Flags! I love roller coasters! Rob says he thinks he may be too old for Six Flags, but I hope I never get too old for Six Flags! I always have a great time there even in the heat. And it was 102 degrees the day we went! It's almost torture, but here in Texas, you ain't at Six Flags if it ain't hot!

After Rob and I made the decision to enroll Josh in Bible Baptist Christian Academy in Rendon, we began to pray for a job for myself. We wanted something along HWY 1187, anywhere from Crowley to Mansfield. It was my plan to try to start working in a bank again. Almost two weeks before school started, one of their administrators called me and offered me a job to teach in their school! We were so excited! Only God drops a job in your lap like that. And we knew right away it was the answer to our prayer! God is always right on time.

So, I guess I have you caught up on everything. Until next time..............