Monday, January 5, 2009

My Dad, My Hero

Today my dad and his wife left for the Philippines. They should be in the air right now. I'm a little sad for me, ok a lot sad for me, but I am excited because this is something they have been wanting for a long time. We weren't an affectionate family when I was growing up. Our affection went as far as a good punch in the arm with an "I love you" following right behind. That's how Dad showed affection. But, hey he toughened us up! So, today I want to thank Dad for all that he taught me more by example than by words. He was never a man of a lot of words, but when he did speak, it was time to listen. We always knew that for sure. He has always been a compassionate man. He cares about others deeply. He would give to people who needed something even when it was all we had. He showed us that the Lord will take care of His own. He taught me be to be independent and to take care of myself. He taught me to laugh when I didn't feel like laughing. He always found the good in the bad. So, here's to you, dad! I love you.

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