Friday, January 16, 2009

The Weekend Is Here!

Boy I am ready for the weekend! These past couple of days have been busy at the school. We have T.B.A.C. Science Skills coming up next week and I have been busy making sure the projects were turned in and filling out judging forms and making copies of judging forms, and making sure each project has a 3x5 card with the correct info. I came to the conclusion yesterday that I need a secretary. Today , I got my wish, when one of the students finished his work, I commandeered him to help put all the forms and cards together. I think I'm done with that part, now I just need to get everything to Decatur along with the students and I will be finished. So, while we are trying to get all these forms together, an order for the Paces comes in and we soon get that knocked out as well. I like having a secretary!:) Thanks JB! I'll leave you with a little joke one of the students told today. Why doesn't the devil like shoes? Because he can't have their soles!
Have a great weekend.

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