Friday, January 30, 2009


One day I got to thinking about attitudes, good and bad. I am mostly a happy person and I try not to let things get to me. Bad moods bother me! I don't want to be around a person in a bad mood. So, what I got to thinking about that one day was that we really choose our attitudes. Just like when we go into our closet and choose what we will wear for the day, we are going into our heart's closet and choosing what mood we will wear today. I do not like hearing "I can't help it." Well, I've got news! Yes, you can! Even when something bad happens to damper our spirits, we can still be happy. We shouldn't let things steal our joy. God has done so much for me. Jesus died on the cross just for me! He provides all my needs. I have a wonderful family. I am a member of a great church. I have good and loyal friends. Why should I give those joys up when Satan tries to trip me? Every day I wake up and tell the Lord good morning and thank Him for another day to live for Him. I have a great life and before I get out of bed, I am already dressed in an attitude that, hopefully is pleasing to God.

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