Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I love spring! I really do. I'm so ready for the grass and trees to be green again. I'm ready for my flowers to all be blooming with their pretty bright colors. And best of all, I'm ready for the warm weather! Everything comes back to life again. Yes, Lisa, my hydrangea is coming to life. No flowers just yet, but lots of green! The other plant is growing as well. I'm excited to get out in the yard and work. I don't look forward to clearing the leaves from my flower bed, though. We have a lot of trees! But, I'll just get my husband's blower and it will be easier this year, I think. Once I get them out in the yard, my husband or son will just mow over them and they will become mulch for our grass. I'm also looking forward to having a vegetable garden again. Can't wait to start getting tomatoes. Of course, that is still a while away since we are going to plant them this coming weekend. Happy Spring everybody!

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