Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun At School Today!

We have two different T.B.A.C. competitions coming up in the next several weeks: Music Festival and Track Meet. The kids have been practicing hard on their music and they are sounding great! Some of them are on our music schedule at church to sing their songs. I have also been running them like crazy for track practice. I found a great way to wear them down and keep them quiet! LOL! OK so you are probably wondering where the fun is, right? Well, today, instead of making them do running exercises, I made up a game, which probably isn't an original anyway. It was a keep-away game with teams and they all had a blast! I had a blast watching them play!
We are looking forward to next week, because Mrs. Sue is coming out of retirement! We, teachers are excited because we won't have to score English! Woo Hoo! The students are excited because they will have her there for English! Woo Hoo! We all are excited because we love her and miss her and need her there! I'm looking forward to Mrs. Sue being back at school!

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