Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Things

Have you ever noticed it is the little things that make us happy in life? One of my favorite things for my husband to do for me is to make sure I have a cold Diet Coke. There is always one waiting for me after school. I love it when one of the students gives me a big hug at school and says "I love you, Mrs. Shelly!" Just like today, I drove my niece to the dentist. I enjoyed that time with her. I don't get much of it and she's all grown up and about to embark upon her own journey in life. I'd drive her anywhere. I love the little talks with my other niece. I like to think I have a small part in her finding her way through this life. I doubt I offer much to her except my love. I love it when my son comes to me and hugs me before he goes to bed every night. It will be gone before I blink. I love it when my best friend rubs my back and says "How are ya?" Most of all I appreciate their prayers on my behalf. I hope and pray I am all these things to the ones I love. I cherish all of this and thank God daily for those little things.

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