Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Day

As I closed my last post, I said tomorrow is another day. And it sure was. FedEx kept the hubby at work for quite a while and I got quite a bit of cleaning done. Whew! I didn't know this house was as dirty as it was. I'm so glad I haven't had any company lately. I just have my bedroom left to clean and the bathrooms left as far as rooms go. Then I will tackle all my windows and window sills and the blinds. That's going to be the big job. I hate cleaning blinds, so I will probably save them for last. I also got my front porch cleaned off. It doesn't look like storage anymore. Now I can go have a cup of coffee on my porch in the morning. If it's warm enough and not raining like they are saying it will be. I'm just rambling tonight so I shall close this one down. Have a great night. Remember to tell God good morning!

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  1. I have been trying to get back on your blog since you left a comment on mine for some reason have been unable to. I am putting a link to your blog on mine. Have a great day!