Monday, April 13, 2009

The Napkin Is Still Folded!

AMEN! That was the title to our Easter Sermon. Pastor explained the significance of the napkin being folded inside the tomb. A servant would serve his master at the table and he would watch how his master left the napkin on the table as he left. If he just left it there all crumpled up then he was finished. If he folded it and left the table, then he was not finished. A folded napkin in the tomb means JESUS ISN'T FINISHED! HE'S COMING BACK! Thanks Pastor Paul for a great sermon!

Wayne is dealing with some nausea, but other than that he is doing well. He has been up walking and I finally got to talk to him. I was beginning to wonder. LOL! No really, Melissa has been great keeping us all well informed of his progress. But I was so glad to hear it in his voice when we talked yesterday. He may get out tomorrow or Wednesday. Keep him in your prayers. Melissa sent me a picture of the incision. Ouch! From one side to the other. Oh my word! He will be sore for a while. I'm still praying. Love you Wayne!

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