Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Pays to Pray!

God is so good to answer our prayers. Many of us casted our cares on Him, and He cared of us. And for my brother, Wayne. His surgery was today. They told us it would take six hours, but it almost lasted four hours. That is the first blessing. The doctor was able to remove ALL of the tumor! Of course he also removed 50% of his kidney with it, but part of a kidney is better than no kidney. The tumor was cancerous, but a very non-aggressive cancer. Praise the Lord! Wayne is doing good. Not in a lot of pain, of course :). But after being without anything to eat or drink since midnight and being under the anesthetic for several hours, he is very thirsty. But they won't let him have a drink, ice chips, or even a swab. So he is not very happy about that. No complaints otherwise. His wife, Melissa, said he looks good. That's all I needed since I couldn't be there with him. Iowa is long way from Texas. I'm so glad for cell phones in times like these. Pray for a quick recovery. Pray that Melissa gets some rest after this long day.

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