Friday, February 6, 2009


Twelve years ago today, I lost my mom. I hate that. Twelve years gone. Twelve years of life without her. Twelve years of my son never knowing just how much she loved him. On the other hand, she has been with Jesus twelve years. She's been in her mansion twelve years. She hasn't been sick with cancer for twelve years! This I rejoice in. As much as I miss her and need her here, I could never call her back, not that she would come. Besides, she is taking care of the baby I miscarried thirteen years ago. My greatest loss is that my son has to grow up without knowing her, but God gave him a memory of her. I'm so grateful for that. She wasn't a perfect mom, but she was the greatest. And I still miss her very much.

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  1. Yes she has been missed, she was a great mother as well as a good wife to me. I was blessed to spend 27 years with her.she gave me 5 children,it wasn't easy at times but thank God he pulled us through.she wasn't the best, but the greatest she gave her all.... Dad!!!!!