Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This computer is not shutting itself off right now,so I am posting. Woo Hoo! LOL! Mother's Day is Sunday. I would like to take the time to wish Lisa a Happy Mother's Day. She isn't my mom, but she "inherited" five grown children when she married my dad. Thanks for being so good to Dad. Most of all thanks for making him happy. Love you, Lisa.

I have been missing my mom a lot in the last week. Not because of Mother's Day, but I think because the anniversary of the death of my dad-in-love. That is today. It's been 2 years. It's funny because the anniversary Mom's death came and went and I was ok. Bud's is here and I want them both back. But I could never ask for them to return here. They are with the Lord and have perfect bodies without cancer! I love that part best for both of them. I remember when Mom passed. Josh was two. I was sitting in a chair and crying. Josh came over to me and patted my knee and said,"Granny has a perfect body with no cancer." Right out of the mouth of a babe! I always talked to him about Heaven. Who knew that God would use that to give me comfort thru my baby? God is so good.

Hug your mom.

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  1. Thanks for the greeting Shelly! I'm glad that though the Lord didn't blessed me with my own kids but He has blessed me with 5 step-kids and 7 step-grandkids. Isn't that wonderful? Your dad is God's gift to me and I made a vow to God to love and cherish him for the rest of my life.

    I miss my mom too and my aunt who passed away recently. My aunt was like a 2nd mom to us and it's a good thing that we're here when she passed away. At least I spent a year with her before the Lord took her home. I really miss them so much. I know I'm going to see them again in heaven someday.