Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God's Been Good

God has taught me a great lesson in the last few months. My dad and his wife live in the Philippines. First, Dad gets put in the hospital for a week or more. I had to keep telling myself that we Americans aren't the only ones who can practice medicine. LOL! Then, I hear on the news that the Philippines is flooded. They get word to me that they are ok. Then he tells me a super typhoon with winds over 200 mph is heading their way. OH MY WORD! Not just a typhoon, which is bad enough, but a SUPER typhoon. Dad sent a text and told me they are ok, just getting a lot of rain from the storm, but that was it. Thank God.
My lesson? Trust God. I couldn't be over there when Dad was in the hospital. I could not stand not being able to know they were ok instantly. But, God let me know He is the One in control of life itself and even a typhoon. As much as I hated not being able to be there, God is the One they needed there in each situation. I could not have made him better in the hospital and I certainly could not have calmed a typhoon! Thank You Lord for working in me. And most of all, thank You for being the one in control.

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