Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally An End In Sight..........Hopefully

As you know my husband has been having foot problems. It has been diagnosed as chronic gout. This is because he is in his 14th week of an attack. After 2 cortisone shots and no real results other than some relief, the doctor has decided to operate. He is going to flush the joint out. He says the results will be fewer gout attacks. PRAISE THE LORD! I hate seeing him in so much pain. I pray everyday that the Lord just take it away and heal his foot if it be His will. This is a pain that a couple of Tylenol can't help. Pray for his surgery and recovery. Thank you.


  1. My prayers are with him for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

  2. We will pray for a quick recovery. Let us know when the surgery is. Love you guys!

  3. Robert is in our prayers. We are praying for his healing...