Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Remember that commercial? That's where I am. I need it badly. My husband has been off work for 2 weeks because his foot has been swollen and in a LOT of pain for the past 12 weeks. This is actually the 13th week. The doctor he has been going to has really showed his true self in this whole ordeal. We have never dealt with such incompetent people in the medical profession as we have these past two weeks. They even fought me today on what dates to put on the work note! When I reminded them they were the ones who took him off work, I was told it wasn't their problem anymore. I am sorry to say my attitude probably didn't please Christ at that moment, but I defended my man! I didn't say anything out of line, but that nurse knew exactly what I thought of her and the doctor she works for. PRAISE GOD! We go to a podiatrist Thursday! Pray for wisdom and compassion for our doctors.
Now I have been home with my husband for 2 weeks ALL day long. He can't do much because his foot hurts so much and the pain pills they gave him don't even take the edge off. I'm praying the podiatrist will give him something stronger until they find out what the problem is and treat it. But, back to spending all day with hubby. I don't get anything done, he's cranky because he feels useless, and I just feel like pulling my hair out. I keep telling my husband that God must have something great in store for us because the devil sure is fighting hard. I mean so much has happened these past two weeks....his dad died, he got a ticket going to his dad's house, this foot thing, unkind medical "professionals" and the list seems to be growing. God knows what we can handle and I am trusting Him for the outcome. It all will work together for our good!
Keep us in your prayers, please.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. We'll pray things get better for you.